Why Choose MyRural ISP



Our unique antennas have the most advanced smart technology in the internet market, which means more bands for faster and better performance in your rural location.



All locations are different and have distinct signal strengths and challenges. We know which carriers maximize the best service, speed, and access for you. Whether you’re surrounded by trees, in the hills, down in the gullies or physically obstructed, we’ll find the best option and strongest signal for you.



Our internet access is reliable, powerful, and consistent because of our expertise and knowledge of how to optimize the bands in your area and deliver directly into your home. We take great care and pride ourselves with delivering great service and dependable solutions.

with myrural isP:

Say Goodbye to big cable and slow internet

Transparent Pricing

Get the speed you need, reliability you deserve at a price that fits your budget with MyRural ISP.

no long-term contracts

Make the switch today and embrace a new era of internet freedom while supporting local business with MyRural ISP!

exceptional customer service

MyRural ISP allows us to deliver personalized internet solutions to locations previously unreachable. We work with you one-on-one to find the best solution custom for you. Any problems? Reach out directly to your personal technician for immediate assistance.

Keep it local

MyRural ISP blows through the trees where WISP’s solutions come up short and DSL gets lost. Whether you need faster speeds on the farm or ready to break free from the constraints of Big Cable in town, take control with MyRural ISP!