Video Conferencing

Why Video Conferencing?

Today we are facing something our country has never faced on such a world wide scale. The COVID-19 Pandemic it is forcing us to be able to do or jobs remotely and get the work done. Luckily, we have come up with a solution to make your lives easier: Hype Videoconferencing Software.

What We Have to Offer

Cost-Effective Meetings, Training, or Classes
With Hype Videoconferencing, you are able to cut down on travel expenses, especially when you have large teams in remote locations that must travel to work on even the smallest collaborative tasks. With Multipoint Videoconference, you can eliminate the travel expense, time and energy involved.
Allows Remote Workers or End Users to Feel Included
When you have many branches or locations for your business, video conferencing is a cost effective way of making each site feel involved in important company functions. Rather than putting everyone on an audio conference which comes across as impersonal, multipoint video conference allows you to connect with everyone all at once.
Engage Participation in Meeting
When compared to audio conference calls, using group video for your business allows you to engage your audience better at meetings. Since everyone is seeing everyone, especially when you have multiple sites, participants are more likely to pay attention, keep engaged, and participate fully in the meeting.
Provide Timely & Effective Customer Service
Rather than troubleshooting a problem with a client over the phone, video conferencing allows you to show them in real time and see their problem visually. If the solution requires a review and collaboration from multiple sites, Multipoint Videoconferencing allows you to be able to help the customer by connecting them with all the key players involved, getting to the bottom of the issue quickly.

Want to see a live demonstration with your phone, tablet, or laptop?

Send your request to: and will set up a time and date that will be convenient to you!

All this can be done with no investment in hardware. All you need is: 

  • Android, Apple Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Tower Computer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Device with a built in camera & microphone  

For those units that do not have a camera microphone built in, don’t worry. You can get a USB Camera/Mic for under $60 that you can plug in to your device easily.

So the question is why use videoconferencing? What happens if you have traditional videoconferencing hardware in your conference rooms, network operation centers, court rooms, hospital emergency rooms, auditoriums, or command centers? Not a problem. The software can communicate to all!