Remote Locations Are Our Specialty

We Deliver Unlimited Data

In the woods or on the farm, you can get access to the world wide web. We service residential and commercial business for high speed internet access. We get High Speed internet to those individuals where cable does not exist. We are 5 times faster than DSL and 30 time faster than Hughes Network.

We Deliver Unlimited Data

CoCard ISP uses a new, specialized transmitter and receiver that is wireless and delivers consistent, reliable internet. No data caps, no overage charges, no limit to your usage, and NO THROTTLING. Our goal is for you to stream movies, listen to music and play online video games. Minimum speeds of 25 Mbsp up to 140 Mbps. We do not use Mofi routers or anything that represent that model. Our Sims cards are not prepaid and have no throttling limitations. Our installation process is customized and we are proud to deliver the best signal for you.

Better Than Our Competitors

3 x 5 x 10 x Faster Than :

  • Hughes Net Plan 
  • Satellite internet 
  • Sugarloaf Networks Systems 
  • DSL 
  • Hot Spots Verizon Limited data programs 

Locally Owned

CoCard ISP, locally owned, and our team services Loudoun County, Carroll County, Charles County Washington, and Queen Anne County. Our solid customer base is built upon our results. We provide more personal services at a lower price than all of our competition with a money back guarantee. Our alliance with Saratoga ISP makes your experience even better.

Whether your signal strength is on your roof, side of the barn or in a specific outdoor location, we deliver


“I’ve tried everything. I’ve used Verizon, Frontier, ViaSat and out of the box routers with no luck. Finally I have something that works and I can’t thank Cocard ISP enough! I now enjoy consistent and strong speed to my house and farm buildings”
John Warner
Eastern Shore, MD
"I have home internet that is actually high speed for the first time in 10 years!!!! Fast installation, very professional. So far I’m extremely satisfied!!"
Patricia Kilby Scully
Federalsburg, MD


We connect you to unlimited possibilities